Implant Supported Dentures: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are struggling with tooth loss, you may be considering getting dentures. However, traditional dentures can slip or move around while eating or speaking, leading to discomfort and embarrassment.

This is where implant-supported dentures come in as a better solution. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know including types, costs and benefits of implant supported dentures in Brisbane, and give you tips in finding affordable options near you.

Implant Supported Denture Brisbane

Types of Denture Implants

Implant-supported dentures come in two types – implant-supported and implant-retained. The main difference between the two is how they are secured to the implants. Implant-supported dentures are screwed onto the implants, while implant-retained dentures use attachments to snap onto the implants. Both options provide better stability than traditional dentures.

Cost of Denture Implants

The cost of denture implants varies depending on several factors, including the number of implants needed, the type of dentures you want to be used in designing one for you, and the location of the dental clinic, which includes the travel and lodging fees.

In Brisbane, the cost of partial dentures can range from $500 to $2,000 per arch, while implant supported dentures can cost up to $10,000. It’s important to discuss the cost with your dentist and check if they offer payment plans or other options to make the treatment more affordable.

Design and Fit of Denture Implants

Implant supported dentures are designed to fit over dental implants, which are surgically implanted into your jawbone. The implants act as artificial roots that support the dentures and prevent them from slipping or moving. This also helps to maintain bone structure and prevent further bone loss.

Your dentist will work with you to create a treatment plan that includes an initial consultation, implant treatment, and final placement of the dentures. This entire process may take a few days to a couple of months, but the end result will be worth all the time invested. Further information for denture fitting can be found here –

Implant Supported Dentures vs. Dental Implants

Implant supported dentures differ from traditional dental implants as they are designed to replace multiple missing teeth, while dental implants are meant to replace individual teeth.

Both options are permanent solutions to tooth loss, but implant supported dentures are a more affordable and less invasive alternative to a full set of dental implants. Your dentist can help you decide which option is best for your specific case.

Implant Supported Dental Bridge

Finding Affordable Denture Implants Near You

Finding an affordable dentist who offers denture implants may take some time and research. Look for a dentist who offers a wide range of implant-supported denture options and has experience with implant treatment. Read reviews from previous patients and check if they offer payment plans or other options to make the treatment more affordable. A reputable dental studio will provide you with a personalized treatment plan and ensure you receive quality care throughout the process.


Implant supported dentures are an excellent solution to traditional dentures for people experiencing tooth loss. They provide stability, comfort, and confidence when speaking, eating, and smiling.

With the right dentist, implant supported dentures can be an affordable option to replace missing teeth and improve your oral health. Contact a dental professional today to discuss the different types of denture implants and the best option for you.